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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Zoe's Place Podcast

A sounds recording of one of our group art salons mixed with some photographs of the events held at Zoe's Place in December 2010, hosted by Gedvile Bunikyte and Zoe Catherine Kendall. 


Zoe's Place had a successful launch in 2010, with a subversive mix of some of london's best emerging creative talent coming together for a secret un-birthday themed event. 

Guests on the night and their particapation:

Gedvile Bunikyte - introduction to the proceedings
Zoe Catherine Kendall - self-series film screening
Sohrab Golsorkhi-Ainslie - read passages from two novels on the subject of birthday and party.
Todd Hart - polaroidal zone
Waldemar Prancekiwiez - text and illustration
Babak Jalali - Frontier Blues film screening
Gideon Cube-Sherman - intervention/performance
Christian Nyampeta - short film screening
Natashka Moreau - performance
Olivia Hegarty - a presense and readiness to respond
Victoria Andrejeva - party games
Arvydas Umbrasas - fashion illustrations
 Rolled Up Deejays - musical decks
Louise Hanson - birthday cakes
Zoe's Place:

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