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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Barbican Art Gallery 5th-6th March 2011

As part of their upcoming exhibition program Laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown, Gordon Matta-Clark
Pioneers of the Downtown Scene, New York 1970s, Barbican Art Gallery present Rummage Sale and Floor of the Forest next Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th March as part of the Barbican Weekender.

I have created a limited edition series of 6 pieces entitled 'My emotions are my wardrobe' especially for the Rummage Sale. Each piece began its journey in the project as a charity shop find or a friendly donation. I hand picked a collection of unisex jackets, shirts and t-shirts with the idea that they could be worn and styled by pretty much anyone and would look good effortlessly. The pieces make up an illustrated story through the emotive hand painted designs that they bear. Each item is for sale.

His blood, sweat and tears

She wept and from her eyes poured an illustrated story




An emotional graphic

His tears of frustration

The leaking eye of awareness

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Zoe's Place Podcast

A sounds recording of one of our group art salons mixed with some photographs of the events held at Zoe's Place in December 2010, hosted by Gedvile Bunikyte and Zoe Catherine Kendall. 


Zoe's Place had a successful launch in 2010, with a subversive mix of some of london's best emerging creative talent coming together for a secret un-birthday themed event. 

Guests on the night and their particapation:

Gedvile Bunikyte - introduction to the proceedings
Zoe Catherine Kendall - self-series film screening
Sohrab Golsorkhi-Ainslie - read passages from two novels on the subject of birthday and party.
Todd Hart - polaroidal zone
Waldemar Prancekiwiez - text and illustration
Babak Jalali - Frontier Blues film screening
Gideon Cube-Sherman - intervention/performance
Christian Nyampeta - short film screening
Natashka Moreau - performance
Olivia Hegarty - a presense and readiness to respond
Victoria Andrejeva - party games
Arvydas Umbrasas - fashion illustrations
 Rolled Up Deejays - musical decks
Louise Hanson - birthday cakes
Zoe's Place:

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cautionary Tales...

A narrative begins to emerge from a body of imagery. The imagery takes the form of paintings, drawings, words written and spoken, artifacts, even a diary. On first viewing there is a personal voice, on second and third viewing a universal story emerges... Tokens created by an artist and story teller can provide insights into a shared living experience, helping us to understand where we are now and where we are headed.

Consider the use of the words I, we, you, us, them.... somehow they seem to all point to the same end. I represents the holding up of one corner of a larger story. I am holding up my corner of our great cultural flag using images, words and sounds that i have come across in a portion of lifetime. We are all part of a greater story and many of our small interjections on the world will unsurprisingly tell a very similar tale. If we live in the same time, under the same societal restraints with the same kinds of systems ruling our everyday lives, as peers, brothers, sisters, lovers, mothers and fathers and as artists conquering economy of means as much as individuals conquering art as a form of language then we are all responsible for holding up our corner of the flag, a story we must share and learn from. A cautionary tale some might say...


In this body of work, images and words weave together to present worlds of meaning as reconstructions of living experiences and as an ever increasing puddle of personal and cultural memories. The story emerges as an emotional memory. The human emerges as an emotional medium and a knowledge conduit for the outcomes of any given life. These tales provide an environment in which we can grow, teach and learn about ourselves and everybody else. The human story, perhaps. I am holding up my corner...