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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Fragments continued... a book of imagery in word form.

This is a little taster of something i am currently working on... call it text, call it image, don't call it anything, just feel it out... it's about living life, riding bikes and broken hearts.

"Got to keep focusing on the road ahead, when the perspective gets hindered, got to re-focus, re-focus... I was so freaking inspired, a pedalling maniac aiming the wheel at visions of art and life. Head down, I was bounding towards oblivion, starved but ready to feed the void with meaning, ready to redefine it.. I thought I could survive on nothing but my energy for this thing, carving out the grit and naming the different salts I found within it... Above all I wanted to keep learning, to keep discovering this life."

"On days spent alone I would dream about alternative ways to live, imagine taking off on my bicycle and careening the lonely streets of this town as though it were a mind. This universal mind I was talking of was a boundless place, nothing off limits, and the more I challenged adopted conventions or concepts of the self, the more I willed this thing into life. If at this stage the mutations of reality existed in thought only, I thought let this be the first place to matter, the mind and its capacity to manifest reality."

"After a night of lavish drinking I found myself in bed with the idea of you again. It can't have been consensual, the image just came flying through the door and into my head. Throw me hard against the wall and rip out my heart as I lie before you. Honey, you are murdering me slowly. Honey, you are the best and worst of me. Honey, be careful... just the thought of you is killing me."

"And now the quest for complete freedom, shirking any notion of a patriarchal system, slipping free of a societal gaze. I used to hear women around me talk of time ticking by, got to catch a man they would say, time is running out... their ideas insulted me. I was an artist and would take a man when I chose, my art my child.. what a gift to the world, if I could just get the commitment right, what a legacy...changes in modes of thought."

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