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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Guerilla Art Events

Back in those heady days of summer 2010, an artist who prefers to keep her identity a secret and I hosted a joint exhibition at my old house in clapton. We took over the walls, stairs, furniture, shoes, kitchen appliances and clothes horse to emphasis our ideas about the process of making art as being an inseperable part of the living process, and vice versa. Visitors were served tea in broken and mended tea cups as an opportunity to consider the nature of relationships, broken and mended, and had poems written for them by my secret cohort. Photographs, spontaneous drawings, paintings, objects and poems scattered the rooms, as well as an installation of found objects (genuine medical implements c.1960) alongside a poem addressing psychotherapy.

Rolled Up Deejays beat rhythms into the night as guests navigated the two story hackney home. This was the first of a series of guerilla art events, bringing art events into the home and studio.

Below: How I feel about psychotherapy (necessary but intrusive, empowering yet painful surgery on the mind), ZCK, 2010.


Below: Representations of a broken object (what does it mean, how should we act), ZCK, 2010.


Below: Under pressure (a loss of purpose or functionality due to circumstances of existence such as neglect, lack of care or abuse, and a comment on the fragility of people and things), ZCK, 2010.


Below: Seeing the detail, seeing the whole meaning (such-ness, object as everything and nothing, the truth of existence), ZCK, 2010.


Below: Used, abused and worn-out (evidence of living, clues to a story), ZCK, 2010.


Below: Lost in translation (Objects, meanings and messages), ZCK, 2010. 

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