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Sunday, 31 October 2010

ten floors of an empty office block: artists take over

Come and see a show i am taking part on thursday 4th november 2010, in soho square...

The building will be open for guests to explore all ten floors, to find the art installations and interventions, the sounds, music and projections (and the booze) as they attempt to navigate its maze like floor plan. There is a free bar so come down early to get maximum benefit!

The externalisation of consciousness in a living space.

My artwork for ten floor project will take the form of an installation piece
somewhere in the building, where i have been busy externalising
consciousness onto the fabric of a room, and i will be there performing some
live art as part of this installation piece on the night itself.

After the show, the building is going to be gutted.

Come along, bring friends, let's play while we still can!

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