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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

"Is this a form of hyperreality... (story continues below)

(above: ...oh... pen on paper by Zoe Catherine Kendall, Sept 2010)

...or am i just imagining it??! Does anyone have any sunglasses they could lend me? I didn't realise my reflection was so bright. Come to think of it, i feel a little clammy... where is my rolling tobacco? Fuck, let's just chill for a bit longer... you got any of that stuff left? Anything to make me feel a bit more normal..."

Side notes: Ann hadn't acually taken any narcotics... but had somehow managed to induce a natural state of hyperreality, and suspicions were beginning to arise about her mental welfare. Personally i think it was just life that had sent her off the rails... no one knows what happened to her after that night...

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