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Monday, 27 September 2010

Clambering on the shoulders of cowards

 A way of life...

We who, clambering on the shoulders of cowards, might choose to interject. 

We who, seeking a more intuitive understanding might require still more clarity for self preservation. 

We who talk, muse and create, shooting shadows of ourselves across graffiti strewn walls in cities of contradiction.

Methods riddled with coping mechanisms of old; who are you and how do we relate? I might like you but don't let me define you or i'll kill us both. Love me and i'll loose you to find you, leave me and i'll never truly know you, streaming meaning from your mere existence. You who, wavering in the light, whimper and escape me; you are not here for definitions, we are infinitely more elusive than that, casting words across landscapes of lesser resolution to unite. We are. 

(left: Getting better by Zoe Catherine Kendall, oil on canvas paper, 2010)

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