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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The artist resides...

 Over the past two months i have been getting my hands pretty grubby whilst transforming what was an almost derelict apartment into an artist's live-work space, but not just any live-work space, perhaps the ultimate artist's residence. This (temporary) space will become the epicentre of all my creative outputs, and hopefully bring other artists and creatives together during the process. These are bold statements, i know, but it's all a part of the master art-work-life plan i am fostering here on Commercial Street, E1.

What is this master plan i hear you say... well it's all about the creation of a space that can by used as a social and artistic hub, the perfect setting for regular artist salons, project planning and exhibitions. Gedvile Bunikyte (my cohort) and I have begun the process of inviting artists, thinkers, writers and other creative types into the space to discuss hypotheses on art and to plan events. The space is due to be 'born' to the rest of the world in late october, with an 'un-birthday' themed launch evening where we shall be inviting other artists and interested parties to bring along a birthday gift they have made, un-made, or made-up, for a spot of spontaneous curation and a few skewed party games. We want to turn convention on its head, challenge and provide alternatives to limiting social and cultural conditioning, and to rethink the way we approach art and life.

Our current artistic agenda lies in the glorification of the living process as an integral and aspirational lead to the art process, and vice versa. That is exactly why it feels so significant to have a studio space which is also a living space, a hub and a gallery space. And that is exactly why we want to encourage an ongoing discourse to accompany the process, and to become intergral to the practise of other artists. Gedvile and I have found that by coming together to discuss, debate and conjugate, we have been able to inspire our own art work and direction. We find the space to have an ongoing dialogue not only empowering in the opportunity it offers for taking ownership of one's thoughts but also because it has proved very conducive to work!

We plan to hold regular salons on a fortnightly basis once the studio space is fully operational, and to exhibit the outcomes of our having come together to think on a monthly basis. We invite all artists and creatives to come along and be a part of this process. Please email me to register your interest and receive regular updates.

To see some of what Gedvile has been up to, visit the centre of the universe.

Welcome to the new space.

See more photos below!

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