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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Between us

(Tuesday morning, 12pm, 29 June 2010)

Here again
Somewhere familiar
And foreign
Has been lying in wait for me
To turn a corner
And break a delicate glass in my mouth
And now the shards splinter my lips as i
Keep kissing
Keep kissing
And looking away
from you
As you think
And i imagine
These spaces that are hanging in the air
Invisible places that we are visiting
Together, alone
Like deep sea explorers
Or cockroaches, rock coaches
Busying about our business
discoveringTerritories unknown
By us at least
As if we were the first, the only
Ones to explore
To investigate space
Between human and human
New man and woman
Rolling and waving
As the tides overcome us
Spluttering lonely
As we look to our horizons
They are written on our hands
Carved into our heads
Like promises to god
I will be true
To myself
To you
I will wander
She will wallow in herself
As the water beseeches
Her borders
His frontiers, he savours
Like a proper French breakfast
Jam in her mouth, mixed up with blood
From the glass shards that tear
That have torn some great holes
Portals to nowhere
Pools of blue
That she saw in his eyes
Camouflaged motions
Making him blind
To me, to us
To this union
Labour of (love)
As it washes us clean
Like salt water babies
Swaddled in time
Mine meandering
As yours rolls back
Yours pulling out
As the tide wanders free
Mine once immersed
Now standing alone
An island
in oceans
A rock in the sea
So this is where we wake
Today delivering
Us from ourselves
With subtle dismay
To ceaselessly scour
The heart of our action
The heat of our traction
And as the cigarette lingers
In place
Between our split lip
We find the earth 
That we sailed from 
Back beneath our feet.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Slogans to live by...

As you may have noticed, i've been painting words recently... slogans of the self, opportunities for self reflection, taking ownership of your position, your thoughts, rediscovering the imagery and meaning present in language, glorifying the process of thinking and being...

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Fly me to the zoo

This is the next piece in my body piece collection 'More than myself; these animals in me.' It's a crow's wing harness, made from leather, crows wings and lots and lots of thread. I laboured over the making of these wings for some time, carefully sewing the crows wings to a leather lining before putting the harness together. I am seduced by the idea of dedicating time and process to the creation of a hand made object, it seems to me to challenge the concept of preciousness that we attribute to art, jewelley, and every grey area between.  

The viewer is invited to consider the wings as a mere object, evocative in their state of being, but also as a conduit for masquerade, allowing for an occurance in the mind which could gesture into a performance space.

Friday, 11 June 2010

More spontaneous faces to get you in the mood

You know those moments when you feel a little askew, perhaps for unconscious reasons that might become apparent later, well when i have those moments i smoke a cigarette to help me get into the flow with a paint brush or stick of chalk, and capture them on paper. I find the easiest way to try to emulate and express these transient moods is with facial expressions, a simple language we all understand innately... 

Sometimes a few key words can help too.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Ceremony of the mundane


What can we do to reach a higher state of being? How can we learn to relax with more dedication? Getting in touch with the spaces between everything and every action, paying homage to the nuances of day to day life, revelation gained through repetitive tasks, meditation, nothingness and lack of meaning.

Sounds pretty exciting huh? I know, it’s my latest party trick.

I’ve heard it said somewhere that there’s therapy to be had in mundanity, and i’ve often thought that a lack of meaning is somehow the greatest aim. It’s not a dirth of anything meaningful as such, but rather a space where lines intersect or tail off, an equation which somehow cancels itself out, a subtle balance and a serene harmony with life. Think tea ceremony, the rituals of meal time or bath time, and the moments between action and rest, the tiny pauses between each breath. Perhaps these are the true places of authentic living, the acts that define us both regularly and religiously. I think the aspiration here is to just be, and to remain fulfilled and at peace in that simplest of states. Our ‘highly intelligent’, greatly evolved brains seem to let us down sometimes with expectations of something greater, more perceptible and even more tangibly enthralling then we have yet experienced, but why?

Over the last year or so i have begun to put in practise this idea of a meaning which is less definable but infinitely more rewarding. Do we need to keep asking questions or does there come a point when we can let our exhaustive and far-journeying minds rest and relinquish in a simple state of being.

So, as a good friend once said to me, let’s just be.

But it is important to remember that there is something that exists even in the most empty of spaces, a mind, yours, mine.

Here is one of my inside out places which mundanity has helped me to understand:

Thursday, 3 June 2010


If things look a little odd here, it is beacuse some horrible people have been hacking my blog!!

Please forgive any posts or menus that may have disappeared, they are just on holiday, they will be back again, have no doubt about it.

I hope this hasn't put all you good people off reading my blog.  

And if you are the hacker, this is not over, please stop messing me around now and think about your karma.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Thought for the day: a tree metaphor

Life is like a tree in the open air, sometimes basking in sunshine and warmth, other times torn apart by the wind, and hopefully still standing by spring.

Bite me: Performative Body Pieces

This is another body piece from my 'More than myself; these animals in me' collection. It's an electroformed fine silver shark jaw, complete with five sets of silver encased teeth, scary?! The piece can be worn as a headress, with the strap fixing around the back of the head, but it can also be worn in a multitude of other ways... hanging around the neck or off one shoulder, strapped around your thigh... or any other inspired method that comes to you. The overall feeling from this piece could be described as violent, dangerous, viscious, and perhaps other worldly, but you may have your own take on it. How does it make you feel? What will you express when you transform into the shark? Put the mask on, play....