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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Your niave gaze for my eyes which cannot see.. inform me.

ZCK - 12/5/10 – 13.46pm
Events which facilitate redemption
I propose that certain key ‘events’ in life can trigger similarly significant inner events, whose inner direction is aligned with the details of the key contextual event set in the external world (e.g. My lover left me and i realised i need to overcome the severance of a connection with my parents). The arising inner event has the potential to encourage and promote a greater depth to inward perception, thus allowing for a sort of self-illumination and facilitation. .. a redemption through the repetition of a pattern in both external and internal worlds. Through noticing this reoccurring pattern, one is in an improved position to figure out the mysteries of its equation, and finally, through revisiting and resolving it, one is liberated...
My housemate pointed out that this is a fundamentally Christian belief - suffering induces freedom and enlightment, carving us out. The lovely postcard to the left, which i have doddled and scrawled on, is by giulia resteghini, whose lithographs explore her fascination with dreams, and the heightened perceptions they bring...


  1. The best thing about this is that when you internalize, you find that you have greater control over the things that happen to you.

    Too often, everything is everybody's fault but your own. When you find out what part you played in a sequence of events, good or otherwise, that is not just illuminating, but extremely empowering.

    Before you point a finger and play the victim, ask yourself how did I contribute to this situation.

    That's not to say that we should self-flagellate at any opportunity, rather that we accept that we are not atomistic and that you are powerful enough for your actions to be causal. You mean something. You mean a lot.

  2. Yes yes, it is very empowering to understand your position within a bigger picture, to come to terms with your motivations, and to acknowledge that even your body language and 'aura' play a role in everything that goes on around you. The outward projection of your inner states is endlessly responsible for the way you are perceived and hence received, and all that follows on from that point... existentialism in action.

  3. Overcome adversity. Reconnect. Move with Love and Open to Wonder. xxx