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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Feeling as though something is missing again? Interweaved with the progress of loss..

Feeling as though something is missing again? Is that 
ever so slightly excited sensation hiding at the back of 
your mind? Got the impression that you are waiting for 
something, something that is currently lacking, but for 
which you are fervently hopeful..?

Drop it, beware, don’t expect.

Live, breath, coexist and assert your independence.

If you feel as though you are hopeful for the  
excitement of something not present, it is a pretty
strong indication that you feel something is missing. 
Chances are you are hopeful of love, association and 
intimacy, chances are you have experienced this 
fundamental connection already, sometime before 
now and lost it. Was it with your mother or father? 

It’s possible that at some point in your life, maybe as a
child, you experienced it. But it got lost along the way; 
perhaps through betrayal, broken trust or abandon, 
perhaps through other circumstances. Have you always 
been looking for it since? That’s the lack of it, the 

leftover hole that remains where it once existed 


So now you know why you are constantly hunting down 
that sensation, perhaps you can use this new found 
wisdom to rationalise your thoughts and feelings, and inform your future relationships. 

Don’t look to others for something you lost from a parent. Come to terms with the 

childhood loss. Free yourself. Don’t look for intimacy, let it happen as and when.

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