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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

On acid: Hallucigens aid my discovery of what it is to 'be'...

Everybody loves acid, don't they? It's one of those drugs that you've either tried yourself and regaled your friends with ridiculous, often unbelievable stories of, or that you've been on the receiving end of said stories about its so called powers of enlightenment. In my experience, your state of mind at the time is the biggest influencing factor on your trip. I'd like to think my state of mind at the moment is pretty sound, and hence, after a totally mental time under the influence of the aforementioned psychotropic substance, I made some pretty fundamental discoveries. It was dark at times, but most of all, it was bang on...

My Discoveries were as follows...


A vessel, the body as a receptacle to bottle life as it passes by, fragments of a storm
crystalised in time and space, furious moments suspended between us, I and you, the
world we are wired to, weaning from the earth as newborns seeing afresh the old ways
of our parents, preparing our frontiers for a battle won, softening the blows that came,
that could come, relearning new habits, reworking ourselves into a future of rebirth, a
destination to complete the cyclical nature of being, the incidence of creation, mothered
by and then mothering, as if to attend to a shared concept of energy, we, the brothers
and sisters, the lovers and loners, and those voyaging between spheres of otherness,
rediscovering in themselves a place we can all call home, more of a feeling then a firm
location, nestling, residing, resounding within.


Sensory filters, funnels of palette-able experience, the olbas oil feels green, tastes heady,
washes me out, cutting to my core channels, passing right through those veins and
airways i house myself within and opening me, oiling me, easing my passage out of here
into here again, here and there, where i find myself, both lost and found, salvaged and
sailed, adrift an ocean of time and place, sound and sight, pinpointed in thought for
some small eternity, which, now passing has not yet begun and is beginning to fade out,
but it is there, between the pages of a closed book, located in the underside of a object
you may wish to nominate, or in all of nature, another portal of awareness with which
one can understand all and nothing, the crystal image.

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