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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

..later travelling in the light sometimes..

(11 Aug 09, S7 to Alexanderplatz to meet Laura at Rosenthaler Platz for lunch at the Gypsy Restaurant on Augustrasse)

Here I am;

                  in the dark of the day
                  and later travelling
                  in the light sometimes
                  lit by the sun and dark
                  still, and then light
                  sometimes, not at all here
                  but here still;
                  at the station    
                  on the chair
here and there I find myself
from time to time
nowhere to be seen
and then caught in the net of my mind
the eternal eye seeing
from a distance and close up
all the details
of the vague expanse
before and after
and then.

                  On arrival I am
                  the same as before
                  yet somehow different. 
                  But when will i finally arrive?

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