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Friday, 23 April 2010

Going Somewhere?

Going somwhere? But where? You are already everywhere...
And then you're here, but you feel as thought you are heading someplace else..
but you are already there, and you always will be,
no matter how far you go, or how little.

Here, there

(being everywhere at once).

Unlike the other images and photographs on this blog which i create myself, i found these 3 photos in a flea market in Berlin. They seemed to be speaking to me, reminding me that i too am on a journey, but of course we all are, all the time. On  particular occassions one may feel more aware of this journey, more aware of the circuitry behind certain decisions, actions and behaviours... The paths i choose to take on my journey seem somehow to relate to these circuits in my mind... almost as if, as i visualise, i bring to life my dreams, fears and imaginings...

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