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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Thought Processes



   Perhaps I can write about the things...
   bit by bit, like meat into an intestinal tube, i’ll spit 
   those things, like growing sausages of meaning with which to learn
   about the heart and its happiness, out. 
   Those things i’ll spit, project from within as i sit 
   on the toilet seat, passing solid packages of thought into 
   the basin, bowl and chain, flushable waste to whoooosh away 
   away, away... 
   gargling, gurgling.. 
   gone, i’ll say 
   be gone!  With haste and heady resignation 
   flow, founder, follow through    
   my mind and out the other side,  these soluble dreams dissolving  
   into solvent pools of long since passed by 
   times, written under my skin  
   as veins recalling intoxication 
   of the blood, bowing under certain pressures 
   until i splosh them out; 
   memories in the washing machine, 
   sad and sore from those days before  
   spinning the load,  
   spiralling tears sent circling outward 
   to leave me dry, 
   and higher,  
   to leave me,

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