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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Self Series

This is a project i am currently working on, a narrative delving into experiences of living to facilitate a sense of self. Nothing new, something we all do every day, live. It is a piece of live art because it came to be and continues to progress through the simple process of living. It is both an organic and a self conscious or self reflective process.  I am creating a 'book' to go alongside a series of images and films, which all pay homage to a series of happenings that took place at a significant moment in my life. A momentous occassion you might say...

At the time everything felt imbued with meaning, there was much to feel, much to learn and much to contemplate. Emotions were heightened, thought processes magnified, and i was acutely aware of myself. This much hasn't changed but time has plodded on, distanced, re evaluated and added new filters for interpretation. Through the book i am creating, i choose to share a series of images in the form of photographs, ink drawings, words, emails - evidence of a previous time which is now open to review, and a record of absurdly unimportant details which without some kind of glorification, would otherwise fade into nothing but dim recollections. The life of an artist, perhaps..  

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