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Thursday, 25 March 2010

In your own skin

Here is something from a collection of body pieces i am working on entitled ‘More than myself; these animals in me.’ The pieces, which are all made using different animal parts, are inspired by ideas of transformation and masquerade, involving a childlike discovery of the animal within. The pieces lend themselves toward movement, dance and play, and can be seen purely as suggestive, precious objects glorifying the beasts they represent, or as an intimate performance in the mind of the audience or on the body of the wearer.

Alongside the skin corset, there is a shark jaw headdress, a fox face headpiece, crows claws, and a crows wing harness. The leather skin corset, which is worn on the back and tied around the front using leather thongs, highlights the sexual play within the collection, questioning what the wearer will become when they wear their own skin overtly...

This project is about the attraction of an object which sparks the imagination and provokes personal discoveries.

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