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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Fresh like a new lover..

...this blog of mine, all new and spangly! So what's the deal? Nothing much, just thought i'd share some thoughts. I have this sometimes inconvenient habbit of thinking, and an even worse habbit of wanting to communicate that process! Actually i'm lying, i love it, translating what i see through all the filters i've accumulated in my modest amount of living (quarter of a century, give or take a few days), and then imagining it through someone else's eyes, and trying then to see it from no particular perspective at all, if that's even possible. Experiences, encounters, happenings, all these things can be as significant or as neutral as the eyes that observe them choose to define.  

What do you see? What do i see? How does it make either of us feel? 

In this blog i want to both glorify and strip away those filters we use to interpret. I want to hear what other people think. I want to share.

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